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    Copier Lease & Rental
    Lease or Rent a copier for as low as $99 a month
    with service contract and no down payment
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Copier Sales & Service

Improve the productivity of your workforce with outstanding office equipment

Copier Integration

From desktop printers and multifunctional printers to robust color and black & white multifunctional products and business applications, that turn otherwise complex document workflows into simple processes, all integrated to enhance your existing Information systems and business processes.

Copier Support

We offer short-term and long-term service contracts on all major brand copiers. More Info

Printer Repairs

Fast response,professional and reasonable prices on all printer and copier repairs.

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What We Offer

  • Our Copier Maintenance

    Replace parts and supplies which have been broken through normal use.

  • Easier Budgeting

    No surprice service cost means budgeting the right way

  • Conservation of Capital

    Lease or Rental means saving your capital for maketing and business growth

  • Obsolete Protection

    Why keep obsolete equipments. By leasing or renting, you get the latest and greatest

  • Pre-Paid IT Support Plan

    We offer IT Support package that works. Customized just for you and your business needs.

  • Multi Scenario

    we are here to HELP!Let us know what your needs are!

  • Copier Repair Warranty

    Our work is guaranteed for customer satisfactions.

  • Latest Technology

    We use and provide the latest printer and copier technology.

We are commited to improving business efficiencies and optimization of business processes, all while lowering equipment leasing cost.